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We are passionate about Insurance Data.

We are a team of dedicated experienced Insurance  Software System Architects who specialise in creating 'best-of-breed' Data-Driven Digital Insurance Platforms for the sales and distribution of Commercial and Specialty Insurance Products. 

We started in Dublin in Ireland working with insurance companies such as AIG (Ireland), and  Advisor Plus, then expanded to the UK and are now in the USA. 

We are passionate about the quality of our technology but we are more concerned about ensuring that our technology delivers real value to you, our customer.



Our Commitment

to you

We put the Success of our customers at the centre of our business. We believe that a true success-oriented partnership is a critical factor driving an effective customer engagement.
This exchange cannot consist of words alone. Our commitment must be practical and oriented towards Success for all stakeholders.

For this reason, CodeEast is passionate about creating a win-win partnership with you, our customers. We strive to be transparent and measured, collaborative and respectful, value-based and KPI driven. It demonstrates our commitment to you. After all your success is our success


We enable
Insurance Organisations
 to grow and prosper
in an increasingly complex Data-Driven Digital World

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