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Can CodeEast deploy the ONEview Digital Insurance Platform outside the USA and Europe?

Yes, the ONEview Platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and can therefore be deployed in any of the Azure Data Centres located across the world.  Each Data Centre meets the local data residency and compliance requirements and all Azure sites operate in unison as a high availability, fault-tolerant, high capacity infrastructure. ONEview incorporates a sophisticated DevOps environment which means the Platform can be deployed, operated and upgraded remotely to any of these sites  

What technology is the ONEview Platform built on?

ONEview is built on the latest Microsoft .NET  Core 5 / C# technology as a Cloud-Native, microservices, API-first solution which means it is robust, stable, flexible, and can scale on-demand. The ONEview's Data-Driven Architecture at the core of the Platform was designed and developed in-house by CodeEast System Architects and it manages the complexity involved in delivering Data-Driven Insurance businesses.   

Do we have to replace our existing technology?

No.  ONEview is an API first solution which means it can integrate with and share data with your existing systems.  This situation ensures that your existing business is protected while you deploy and develop your Data-Driven Digital Insurance solution.

Can ONEview support the new business models such as Parametric Insurance, Hyper Personalisation and Precision Underwriting?

ONEview is an ideal Platform for managing the sales , administration and distribution aspects of these new insurance business models.   The ONEview innovative architecture is designed as an agile. flexible and customizable platform that is specifically to deliver new data driven insurance business models.

Can ONEview support Personal Line and Commercial Lines?

The ONEView Platform can support  Personal Lines and Commercial Lines or a mixture of both. It incorporates a sophisticated product library that can support multiple sales channels selling multiple insurance product lines from multiple insurers in multiple regions using multiple currencies..

Can ONEview support the multiple product variants required for each state across the US.

Yes.  ONEview provides support to manage the different taxes, commissions, and regulatory and compliance issues.  It does this by maintaining product variants for each state.  All analytics, tax-reconciliation and compliance functions are available on a state by state basis.

Can the system manage Broker networks?

Yes.  ONEview has a sophisticated Broker registration and management system.  It enables the Insurance company, MGA and broker network manager to manage the sales and distribution of product lines to any number of brokers.  It also provides a secure self-service portal for each broker where they can produce quotes, purchase policies, generate formal policy documents, manage accounts and service clients. 

Does the system support B2C, B2B, B2C2B and B2B2C?

Yes.  ONEview can support all these Insurance-product distribution models, because of the multi-layered nature and modular structure of the system's Architecture.

Does the ONEview Platform support multiple languages and currencies?

Yes. Each product variant can be configured for different currencies, languages, taxation models, compliance and regulatory requirements.

What is a Data-First mindset?

It refers to an organization who recognize the competitive advantage that can be gained from gathering, organizing and extracting value from the data accessible to their organization. 

How do I book a Demo or a Pilot?

If you fill in your email address in the 'Subscribe Form' at the bottom of this page we will make contact with you and set up a suitable time to demonstrate the ONEview Platform to you over the web.  We can also agree to create a pilot so that you can test the technology, functionality and performance of the Platform.

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