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 ONEview, is a Digital Insurance Platform for the SMART Automation of the sales, distribution and processing of insurance products and services in MGA's, Insurance companies and Broker Networks.

 It provides you with a state-of-the-art solution for the automation of your existing environment or the implementation of new, innovative digital insurance business models without putting your existing business at risk.

What is 'SMART Automation'

SMART Automation refers to the
automation of an insurance product
sales and distribution environment
based on SMART principles.

S for


To maximise your
profits let your customers, brokers, agents and internal staff  ‘Digitally Self-Service’ as much as possible.

M for


Ensure that the systems you select are based on a hyper-flexible, digital, cloud hosted, API-first, modular design so that they can support your new business models or integrate with your existing systems and thus create automation across system boundaries and customer  locations.

A for


Regulatory Compliance is now an essential business  requirement so make sure any system you use maintains an audit-trail across key  operational areas and provides the automated compliance support tools you need to reduce the time and effort involved in meeting your  statutory reporting requirements

R for


You will need to know how your business is performing in real-time so that you can maximise your profits by making adjustments quickly to your marketing mix. So ensure real-time automated business performance reporting is available in the systems you use.



Automation can
transform your business so you need to be smart about how you do it.

We can't slow the world down...... 

......but we can help you keep up

Broker Self-service

Broker self-service means the broker can get quotes, purchase policies, make mid-term adjustments, do renewals, review documentation and do other tasks themselves online without having to interact with your team. This capability will save you time, effort and money whilst at the same time delivering a better service to your brokers

Rapid new product delivery

The ONEview Platform is built on the uniquely flexible Scalar Architecture which means that new products can be deployed quickly, easily and cheaply.  

Performance Monitoring for all brokers

The ONEview Platform provides in depth business performance analysis dashboards so that you can analyze in real-time the business performance of each broker and product line.


with your Intellectual Property elements

The Scalar Architecture of the ONEview system will integrate seamlessly into your analytics, data enrichment, Artificial Intelligence, data lake or other Intellectual Property elements that define your Business Model including any unique, innovative and valuable approach to precision rating, hyper-personalisation and other insurance related methodologies

Multiple products, Multiple providers, 

The ONEview system supports multiple products from multiple providers across multiple regions and currencies with reconciliation for each broker, product/provider and region.

Why CodeEast?

ONEview is built on an innovative Systems Architecture called Scalar. Scalar enables CodeEast to quickly design and deploy custom-built SMART Automation solutions for our customers.


Scalar was designed by CodeEast System Architecture Specialists specifically to support Smart Automation of Insurance Companies. It is a proprietary innovation that combines in a unique way the four elements of Systems Architecture:

in-house-designed insurance Data Model that can be extended to
accommodate the smart automation requirements of our customers.


Summary Scalar architecture provides the modularity, functionality,
agility and data-model needed to automate existing insurance
businesses and support the new wave of business models; e.g.
Parametric Insurance, Hyper-Personalisation, Smart Contracts,
BlockChain Authentication, AI-Driven Rating, and Precision Underwriting.


Insurance Data

in-house-designed insurance Data Model that can be extended to accommodate the smart automation requirements for your existing or new business model.





A suite of functionality that can be combined in a flexible way to deliver the automation needs for your  insurance business

Hyper-Flexible Microservices

A software design paradigm that involves integrating microservices into

end-to-end automated processes which can then be combined to automate any new or existing  insurance business model.

Agile Microservices
Communication Bus

A custom-built Communication Bus that enables high-speed message sharing between microservices which enables CodeEast to quickly deliver robust, customised, high performance solution.

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