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CodeEast enables Data-Driven transformation of Commercial & Specialty Insurance

At CodeEast we are passionate about insurance data, and we firmly believe that the future of commercial and specialty insurance lies in data-driven products and services facilitated by a data-driven digital ecosystem.


ONEview is a Data-Driven Digital Insurance Platform specifically designed for  Commercial and Specialty Insurance. It facilitates data harvesting, operational efficiency and informed decision-making across the insurance value chain. With a unique synergy between data, workflow, and technology, ONEview enables a competitive advantage.


Its core Meta Data Model and data catalogue offer the context for each program's unique requirements. The platform's modular architecture seamlessly integrates with external systems delivering end-to-end policy lifecycle management. Real-time storage in a dynamic data lake ensures easy access for reporting, analysis, and integration with external AI and data services.


Here are some success stories highlighting ONEview’s Data-Driven Capabilities:


·        Revolutionizing Workers’ Compensation insurance across the US with personalized rating and policies informed by data driven safety insights.


·        Utilizing AI and data-driven services to deliver personalized combined commercial policies and premiums for SME businesses including property portfolios, across the UK.


·        Enhancing operational efficiency in the Specialty London Market, with streamlined submission and Underwriting collateral, with dynamic management of carrier panels with end to end financial management and data driven insights.


As a cloud-native and API-first platform we leverage the benefits of the Microsoft Azure platform and Azure services to enhance operations, AI and new data services. This ensures that our clients are equipped for the future, continuously evolving and adapting to emerging technology trends. By embracing innovation, we empower insurers to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow and achieve long-term success.

At CodeEast, we are revolutionizing the insurance industry, one data-driven decision at a time. Join us on this transformative journey to redefine the insurance landscape and unlock the full potential of your business.

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