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ONEview NoCode-LowCode microservices Digital Insurance Platform

Dublin, 4th June 2021, CodeEast releases a cloud-native, NoCode-LowCode, microservices Digital Insurance Platform that revolutionizes the flexibility and speed to market for Insurance Products.

The new additions to the Platform include:

  • ONEview Product Design Studio: A NoCode-LowCode, drag and drop Product Design environment that gives the business user control over the design and development of new insurance products. Design Studio automatically produces the product risk capture UI and underlying data structures based on the business person's design and integrates the new product into the ONEview Product Library. The user configures the distribution of this new product to existing and new sales channels using the ONEview Distribution Manager. The benefit of this solution is that insurance products can be designed and altered without the need for a software developer. Design Studio is also available as a standalone service operating in the Azure Cloud. In this standalone configuration, Design Studio enables the rapid design and editing of risk capture screens and the storage of risk data.

  • ONEview Distribution Manager: This addition to ONEview provides a no-code environment for managing the setup of products, producers (agents, brokers), and wholesalers, including the management of products, fees, and commissions down to a US state, agent, and product level.

  • Ecosystem Integration Management Service: This new part of the ONEview Digital Insurance System provides integration between the Insurance workflows in ONEview and the business office workflow design tools available in the Microsoft Platform. The Power Platform is the new high-power innovative NoCode-LowCode environment created by Microsoft where business users can design automated workflows, graphical reports, and custom applications using drag and drop technology. The ONEview system incorporates an event notification engine that can be configured, so any business event occurring in ONEview, such as a request for a quote or the binding of a policy, can trigger actions in the Microsoft Power Platform. These actions can include the launch of a business process workflow, applying an AI algorithm, and producing an analytical data report.

These new capabilities included in the latest release of ONEview aligned with ONEview's sophisticated DevOps capability, one-click deployments, and automated regression testing bring a new level of control and speed to the insurance systems market.

Aidan Brogan, Chief Commercial Officer, adds, "At CodeEast, we continue to invest in our ONEview platform as a market leader in the next generation of insurance digital systems. Control, agility, cost, and speed to market are critical to the future success of any insurance business. CodeEast is here to deliver the best digital capabilities to make this happen".

ONEview supports P&C products, including auto and home and business lines such as Workers Compensation, E&S, and commercial liability programs.

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